New Desktop PC & Laptops

When we fix your computer problems, charges are as listed for Computer Repair Harrogate. When we help you buy new laptops or new desktops, we provide you with recommendations so you can buy direct. Best of all Beck PC offers a 6 step configuration service for £35 which is always recommended unless you possess the time & skills yourself. Study our Laptop Configuration List in Laptop Offers before you choose to DIY. Whatever you decide, our finders fee of £25 provides you with a problem free journey to find a new personal computer perfect for you.

Migrating to a new computer or a refurbished PC

Discuss the PC Moving List in New Desktops & it ensures migrating with us is easy & stress free. Using our trusted document transfer services helps you move to both new & refurbished computers, which we re-sell at bargain prices. Buying a good refurbished PC can be a great option to buying new.

When it comes to buying new, trading in old laptops for free data transfer or configuration services is a very easy way to save money. Standard hourly rates for data transfer services in our PC lab are £28 before discounts apply as listed in our IT Support Prices. Beck PC sells onwards many second hand & refurbished computer to people on our PC Waiting List. Contact to apply.

Finally Beck PC can help with any computer problems you might have. We offer to provide you with recommendations for new computer peripherals such as printers & wireless networking gear for a reduced finders fee of £15 as part of IT Support Costs.

Continuous Ink Supply System Printers

Beck PC's speciality is to provide CISS Printer solutions, installations & solve inevitable CISS problems. Contact us if you want us to demonstrate a CISS kit printer working so you can see the benefits for yourself. Need buy an ink cartridges again!

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