Laptop Bargains from Beck PC for a finders fee

Lightweight laptops, powerful gaming laptops, small notebooks & tablet laptops are sold in their millions every year. Which one for you? A finders fee for hardware is exactly what is says, you receive qualified recommendations to buy direct from UK discount retailers & manufacturers & save £££s. Prices range from budgets of less than £300 to over £2,000.

Our fee covers the time spent researching your recommendations. For recommending basic software required to compliment your purchase, such as anti-virus, there's no charge. We refuse referal fees & commissions so you receive honest advice only. Remember to discuss, if migrating to a new computer, document transfer costs on our PC Moving List which will apply to you.

Prices are based on delivery/collection at client’s expense to Beaver Horse Shop (HG3 1QL) or Harrogate's Harlow Hill. Arrangements to collect or deliver (plus install) hardware is available for a discount call-out charge (£10) plus standard mileage charge of 50p per mile.

Laptop Configuration Service List - 6 Steps just £35

Additional details on your purchases & our finder fee

For an additional fee of £39 Beck PC can purchase a recommended laptop or PC for you. It is in addition as we become part liable for the delivery, returns policy & warranty for any hardware purchased in this way for you. Our finders fee is still charged so the match-making is the same (recommendations tailored to each client with no referral earnings). The additional fee of £39 is usually appropriate where clients are in a hurry, unable to receive delivery themselves or wish to save on the cost & time involved of arranging forward delivery to Beaver Horse Shop (Harrogate) for configuration.

We prefer you to purchase the hardware directly yourself, using our match-making recommendations and receive all the savings identified directly. Our laptop configuration service is always recommended unless you possess good skills to do the 6 steps above yourself. You should allow between 2 to 4 hours to complete the configuration steps yourself.

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