Best Desktop New PC from Beck PC for a finders fee

Business computers, new PC desktop for the home, touch screen computer & gaming PC sell well online for big discounts. Can Beck PC find one right for you? A finders fee is what is says. We provide qualified recommendations so you can buy direct from UK online retailers & e-commerce stores with confidence. For recommending basic software required to compliment your purchase, such as anti-virus, there's no charge. For additional details see our similar offer for new laptops.

We refuse referal fees & commissions so you receive our best advice only.

Migrating to a new computer? PC Moving List. Discuss!

Desktop PC Configuration Service List - 6 Steps for £35

Prices are based on delivery/collection at client’s expense to Beaver Horse Shop (HG3 1QL) or Harrogate's Harlow Hill. Arrangements to collect or deliver (plus install) hardware is available for a discount call-out charge (£10) plus standard mileage charge of 50p per mile.

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