Refurbished laptops & Used PC available

Used or refurbished laptops are a good alternative to a budget PC, being portable & easy to store. Beck PC regularly receives second hand computers as part-exchange deals on services. We repair laptops & upgrades PCs under the flag of Computer Repair Harrogate, so we know our stuff.

Reconditioned laptops usually become available when our document transfer service moves clients to a new computer. Refurbished notebooks suffer from minor faults such as weak battery life, screen imperfections etc. So Beck PC matches clients with used PCs only after careful inspection work is completed to our satisfaction.

Refurbished desktop PC are also available.

Selling Used Computers on Ebay

Beck PC sells used and refurbished computers on Ebay to dispose of excess & unwanted computers. Used PC, like cars, come with faults which we note carefully before sale.

For our clients we keep a private PC Waiting List. We can add your name. Before we list a second hand computer on Ebay we check our list & if your requirements match we will offer you first refusal at our estimated selling price.

For a used laptop bargain (complete with the little faults you can live with) or a refurbished desktop, contact us & we will record your requirements on our waiting list.

Want to learn about the exciting world of laptop bargains on Ebay?

Join our PC entrepreneur group in a Harrogate Meetup & find out about how to best buy used computers with confidence.


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